One in five Michigan jobs are in healthcare.

Beyond the doors of your local hospital, neighbors, friends and family members from all backgrounds and industries are contributing to the lifesaving care our communities need. Patients need to be checked in, medical and office supplies need to be ordered and stocked, rooms and beds need to be cleaned, and more.

Wherever you see yourself, there’s a career in a Michigan community hospital for you.

Clinical Positions

For every child that grew up wanting to be a doctor, nurse or therapist, those positions exist right here in Michigan communities across the state. Within clinical roles, more than half a million positions exist within hospitals and healthcare systems.

Non-Clinical Positions

While many people think of healthcare jobs as clinical roles, more than half a million jobs exist in non-clinical fields such as advertising, IT, administration, HVAC, human resources, social workers, accountants, cooks, janitorial workers, writers and designers. Every business function that major companies need to thrive, exists within the doors of your local hospital.

Jobs for Everyone

Caring for Michiganders isn’t limited to only multi-year medical degrees. Quality patient care relies on professionals from almost every sector, and your local hospital might just be looking for someone like you. Jobs are available today, and all year round, in patient transport, food services, environmental services, patient registration, lab aids, clerks, and more.